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Equipamiento de Nick McCabe (Ex-the verve)

Notapor supernova83 » 12 Abr 2006 02:28

Equipamiento usado en el disco A Storm in Heaven (en inglés):

Mesa/boogie Mk III combo
Roland JC120 (daisy-chained to the boogie)
Marshall solid state bass amp for the 'washed out' Quadraverb sounds.
I also a had a dying Marshall head, used on She's a Superstar, Feel, Gravity Grave. It sounded so shit by the time of gg that I sort of gave up on Marshalls for a while. Same problem after UH, luckily I got given some Mesa Trem-o-verb heads, which I absolutely love.

Mainly Alesis Quadraverb+, Selmer (Wem licensee) Copycat, Roland 201 Space Echo, Boss od-1 pedal, Ibanez analogue flanger.
The studio's Eventide H3000 provides a lot of backgrounds.
Roland GP-8 was a live convenience and not particularly called on in the studio.

Mainly Fender Strat (1979- almost dead at the time, lasted through ANS though) and Gibson 335.
plus- Fender Jazzmaster (1959- got nicked after Clapham Grand) with 70's Gibson Flying V, mandolin and an Ovation acoustic (pretty awful guitar).

"To be honest apart from the Quadraverb+ I wasn't particularly in love with any of the gear. Each album sounds different because of the amps used. They're pretty critical, more so than guitars really and I don't think I really respected them so much then. Combination of reverb and amp can make it sound like it's roaring, or just new age crap. It's a balancing act and I didn't get it quite right most of the time. Have now though. Oops too late!"


Amplificadores: http://www.nickmccabe-kim-2freespirits.co.uk/amps.htm
Efectos: http://www.nickmccabe-kim-2freespirits. ... ffects.htm
Guitarras: http://www.nickmccabe-kim-2freespirits. ... uitars.htm

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